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Our values and principles

To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment

To work together with parents and the community to enhance

the development and the education of all children

To work within a framework which ensures equality of

opportunity for all children

To work together with parents, children, nursery SENCO and outside agencies to ensure that any special educational needs

are met within the framework of the nursery

To recognise the diversity of families and endeavour to meet

their individual needs, within the constraints of the nursery setting.

We will achieve this by offering

A specially tailored curriculum designed to meet the approved early years foundation curriculum learning goals as set out in the DFES Guidance for the Years Foundation Stage.

An environment and experiences which follow the principles of the

Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio

Fun and friendship with children and other adults.

The support of a personal key worker.

Opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the

A nursery environment that meets if not exceeds the standards

Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of equality of opportunity for all

Regular evaluation and improvement upon our current  practices

by taking part in quality assurance programmes

such as QUILT or EMAS

Reggio Emilia approach

We are committed to child development and we’ve drawn inspiration from the Italian 'Reggio Emilia' approach as well as the Scandinavian 'Forest Schools.' We’ve travelled and studied in both Italy and Sweden to explore how these world renowned approaches can challenge what we offer and develop Pumpkin Patch's outstanding practice. 

Anita O’Hara BA Hons

Owner Pumpkin Patch Nurseries

Anita is also the Nursery Manager at Pumpkin Patch Brighton which was judged Outstanding by

Ofsted in 2017.

  Inspired by the

        Reggio Emilia Approach

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